Café Aqua

Café Aqua in Billund

The perfect pitstop between splashing and splattering

Welcome to Café Aqua. Here, you can satisfy your hunger with a smile on your face and your stomach full of treats.

There are no fancy airs here – we serve delicious barbecue food just as you know it and as the whole family loves it.

You can get all the classics – from pork burger to half a grilled chicken, sausage mix, and much more.

The little water lovers can delight in our child-friendly treats like nuggets and French fries. We know that when hunger strikes, there’s no need for fancy words – just good, hearty barbecue food that you can enjoy with a smile.

We place great importance on hygiene and good food handling. This has also resulted in an Elite smiley, which you can read more about here.

Our staff aren’t fancy chefs, but they’re happy to guide you through our delicious, informal menu. Just ask away, they’re here to ensure that your barbecue experience is as relaxed as a summer day by the pool.

So the next time hunger calls and you fancy some genuine barbecue coziness, swing by Café Aqua. Delicious barbecue food, good company, and an atmosphere that will make you feel at home. 🍔🏊‍♂️


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