Rules of order

Billund Bad & Wellness

Rules of order ​

Management and the board wish for Billund Bad to be a pleasant place to be.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a few rules for:

  1. Practical reasons.

  2. Hygienic reasons.

  3. Safety reasons.


Follow the staff’s instructions.

During days with high attendance, bathing time may be limited.

Never leave watches, wallets, or other valuables in the changing rooms. Use the lockers. Remember, the bath assumes no responsibility for the items left. Similarly, the use of the wardrobe is at your own risk.

Inflatable water toys and rings may only be used in the small pool.

Ball games are allowed in a quiet manner in the shallow end of the large pool, but only as long as there are no objections from other bathers.

Be considerate of lap swimmers.

It is not allowed to bring and use essential oils on the sauna stones.

It is not allowed to use mobile phones, neither in the changing rooms nor the swimming hall.

Photography is NOT allowed.

Only bathers may stay by the pools.

Have you forgotten something? Please contact the ticket sales.

Ticket sales:

It is not allowed to enjoy homemade food at Billund Bad’s indoor areas. Various food and drinks can be purchased in the cafeteria. However, after agreements, after-school care centers and kindergartens are allowed to enjoy packed lunches.

Punch cards are valid for 3 years from the issue date.


To ensure that the bathing water is clean and enjoyable, it is necessary for everyone to wash with soap all over the body before using the pools, this also applies to hair, of course.

Swimwear must be clean (freshly washed); underwear is not swimwear and may not be used. It is not allowed to use cotton clothing as swimwear. Burkini is allowed if made of the correct type of fabric.

Children under 3 years old must wear a “Oops-ble” under the normal swimwear. This is to reduce fecal accidents in the pools, which can result in the closure of one or more pools for an extended period. Remember, it must still be a diaper under the “Oops-ble”.

Help us save energy, avoid unnecessary use of hot water.

No one may walk by the pools and changing rooms with shoes on.

The sauna is used after washing and with swimwear.

The IR sauna should be used washed but dry. Both swimwear and cotton clothes may be used.


Never run or jump in the hall and changing rooms, the floor is very slippery when wet.

It is forbidden to dive headfirst in the shallow end of the pool.

Look out when you jump in, this applies both when jumping from the edge and especially from the diving boards. Never jump too far out from the 3-meter diving board, beware of the sloping edge.

The jumper has full responsibility.

Only swimmers who have swum 50 meters without aids may use the deep end of the pool.

The staff may at any time prohibit jumping from both edges and diving boards.

It is forbidden to do trampoline jumps and “bombs”.

Never push or dive others into the water, not even with their permission – this leads to immediate expulsion.

Avoid shouting and noisy behavior.

Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult when in the swimming hall.

It is not allowed to use snorkels and swimming goggles with tempered glass.

Chewing gum is not allowed while in the swimming hall.

And remember, all activities at Billund Bad are at your own risk.